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About the H&M Tracey Founders

On workplace culture

The relationship Harold has with his staff is incredibly important, as it not only relies on the success of H&M Tracey, but also the success of the culture of the business. Harold works on cultivating a family-like culture which encourages personal accountability to the work but also to one another as members of the team.

Harold believes strongly in the future of the workforce and building his legacy by training staff to become important members of the H&M Tracey team. One such team member was trained by Harold himself and has been with the business for 18 years.

His attention to detail and the strength of belief in others has led him to inspire two of his close friends to take professional risks, leading them both to success.

On apprenticeships

Harold believes strongly in the youth of today, which inspires him to be a role model for younger generations.

He believes that apprenticeships are not only a great way to get younger people excited and involved about working a trade in the building industry, but also having them understand that they must work hard to earn things, not to expect it is owed to them - crucial to the personal development of younger people.

On projects

Harold’s passion for building and growing relationships with people means that he’s still excited to come to work every day, even after 18 years at H&M Tracey.

He enjoys the process of building from beginning to end - from the inception of the design, getting into the nitty-gritty of putting a deal together, working with the team to the opening of the building.

Seeing a project through to completion gives him satisfaction in knowing that he was able to contribute to the community in a meaningful way.