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About H&M Tracey

Welcome to H&M Tracey, where we have been dedicated to building dreams and cultivating relationships since 2000. Founded by Harold and Maureen Tracey, we have grown from humble beginnings to become one of the most awarded builders in the North West region of Western Australia.

We’re a little different from other building companies

We take pride in being a leading builder with the expertise and resources to deliver professional services that set us apart from smaller builders. Our team consists of over 30 highly skilled staff members, including qualified tradespeople and builders. With our in-house expertise you to work directly with our dedicated team. This direct collaboration ensures clear communication and guarantees a seamless project experience from start to finish. With H&M Tracey, you can trust that your project will receive the personalised attention and quality workmanship that only a larger builder with qualified professionals can provide.

Our unique view of ensuring that the person who owns the store, runs the store, means that your project is always handled with the utmost care and clear communication. We are are passionate about creating connections with our clients, consultants and stakeholders at all points of a project.

Building relationships, not just buildings

We understand that mutual respect and collaboration are essential for a successful project and a long-lasting legacy. From architects to clients, tradies to draftspeople, and everyone in between, we strive to cultivate strong relationships with all the people we work with.

Cultivating the workforce of tomorrow

Our commitment goes beyond the present. We are invested in the future of the Western Australian building industry. We recognise that the training and mentoring of young men and women are crucial for shaping tomorrow's workforce. That's why H&M Tracey is dedicated to providing key opportunities for apprenticeships in office administration or onsite with a trade. By nurturing the workforce of tomorrow, we contribute to the growth and development of our industry.


We operate with a commitment to uplift and strengthen the very fabric of the community we are proud to call home. Our dedicated team stands as ardent advocates for initiatives that enrich the lives of those around us. Imbued with the company's resources, our employees actively engage with health and social service organisations, youth programs, education, and sports.

H&M Tracey holds a steadfast commitment to nurturing the vibrant tapestry of our community in Broome. Rooted in our core values, we stand as a beacon of support, heavily relied upon to provide valuable training opportunities and essential sponsorships. Through our support and partnerships, we have become a trusted source of guidance, resulting in growth and learning through training programs that uplift individuals and organisations alike. Moreover, our continuous involvement as a reliable sponsor further cements our role as an integral part of the community's progress. At H&M Tracey, we don't just build structures; we build lasting relationships and contribute to the collective betterment of Broome, solidifying our position as a cornerstone of positive change.

Lets talk

Join us at H&M Tracey, where we not only build exceptional homes, commercial buildings, tourism developments, and renovations but also forge lasting connections with our clients and partners. Discover the difference of working with a company that values personal attention, craftsmanship, and the future of our industry. Let us help turn your dreams into reality.